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WBS Schedule Pro


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This version of WBS Schedule Pro combines WBS Charts, Network Charts and Gantt Charts to form a more complete project planning tool!

WBS Schedule Pro

(WBS Version)


For WBS Charts only

This version is WBS Schedule Pro without Network Charts or Gantt Charts.

WBS Schedule Pro

(PERT Version)


For Network Charts only

This version is WBS Schedule Pro without WBS Charts or Gantt Charts.

Demo Version Details

The Demo versions above are full working copies of the software. There are no feature limitations or other restrictions except for:

  1. Limited after 50 tasks - Projects are limited to creating 50 tasks. With up to 50 tasks ALL features work but once you reach 50 tasks in a project, certain features are disabled. However, if you are using WBS Schedule Pro with Microsoft Project you can display a chart of any size MS Project plan.
  2. It's a 30 Day Trial - The software expires 30 days from the date of installation.

Should you decide to purchase WBS Schedule Pro we will send you a Purchase Code that you can use to unlock the demo. This Purchase Code is used to turn the Demo into the full version. There is no need to uninstall!